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We are still a member of the body, which is no longer useful


Humans are still in the body parts that remain in the "body within." They did not benefit from the activities we have developed in modern life. But that was not always the case.

All were completed at a special function. It often has to do for our ancestors. According to Dorza Amir, an anthropologist of Boston College's evolutionary science in America, it does not retain everyone's business insider portal.

The first and most well known are the related. Scientific research suggests that this cure helps to the digestive system of extra cellulite, which is part of our ancestors food.

As our food became more distinct, the supplement lost its functioning, and lost Amir's notes. The study has pointed out that more studies have taken place. Supplements prove that today's participation continues as a storage for bacteria in our bowel.

The second is Palmer Largo. Not everyone has it, but a muscle from the hand. If you stretch out your hand with the bitter hands of your hand and join your fingers with a finger, you may see a very thin and straight proportion that stretches your hand. It is not soft, soft.

10% of people have already lost their lives before helping our ancestors to give them the desired strength.

In the third place is the wisdom of the teeth. It was hard work to feed our ancestors of hard work and raw grain. Now, our diet is very slow and we do not want to chew too severely. Millions of years ago, we had no jawbone.

Everyone gets everybody, and sometimes even nothing, whatever they do is usually a cause of pain, and sometimes they are recommended to be removed.

The fourth number is Pili rheurs muscle. In the past we had more hair in our body. Pale-ureter muscles connected with hair follicles have helped make the hair flip, so it looks even bigger when it comes to risk or threats.

Now we do not need this, yet many mammals can observe the hair retention, for example cats.

The fifth position is the embryo. Now, after the pregnancy, the fetus begins to develop a tail between five and eight weeks.

These tail balances are retained and retained. When we learned to stand it lost.

In the sixth position the muscles of the ears. They are responsible for controlling the part of the ear, but few have control over them, anthropologist explained. Some mammals use them to detect victims and others. It is believed that humans have used them.

Piramidhan is located in the seventh number. It's triangular in the abdomen. There are people who have two people.

They only serve to move the start of the morning (from the lower stomach to the chest and the length of Nabal). It continues to be useless nowadays, when we walk in four times in the past, it ensured the quality of movement and motion of stomach pain.

Menon is at eighth place. Filling nipples is a botanical activity to facilitate nipple eyes. But why women breastfeeding women are born with them? Whether it is male or female, the body of the embryo begins to develop in a similar manner.

When the testosterone begins to work with the formation of the male sex organs, nipples have already developed.

Finally, the third eyelid should protect the eyes, birds, birds, reptiles, and even mammals that are located in the eye. They are used to avoid waste. But there is no remnant among men, and we have no right in them.

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