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Viral hepatitis: How to stop them in the specialists' specialist eye?


November 13, 2018 | | Comments | Read 21 times

It is estimated that 1,400,000 people are dying due to the complications of the lungs, such as hepatitis and hepatitis. Even though there has been tremendous progress in the fight against these diseases, you need to do a lot.

The word "hepatitis" is an important organ that promotes nutrients, a function of poisoning, and a summary of proteins. The liver can be bleeding or its activity can be affected when it is damaged. In most diseases, this disease is caused by hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E virus. According to the World Health Organization, this virus can cause liver, cancer and liver cancer. .
Today, approximately 355 million people are affected by this disease, this reflects a serious risk of global health. In Argentina, 332,000 people are using hepatitis C, and 35% know it. Egypt (22%), Pakistan (4.8%) and China (3.2%) are the most infected countries with Hepatitis. The main mode of transition in these countries is caused by waste materials being vaccinated.

Dr Hepatitis (A, B, C), Hepatitis Diseases and their population density. Marcelo Lerido (MN 81952) explained. "Continuous long-term issues."
He was advised by Hepatitis A. "The progress of drugs has become a major issue because" all patients are undergoing a National Doomsday Calendar in their 12 months' lives and are forced to vaccinate against Hepatitis ES. Children. "" Thanks to this vaccine has reduced the number of new cases every year, not seen in children, but the virus is open to young people or adults, "said expert.

Vaccination is very effective in this kind of cure. Hepatitis A future disruption is very important.
Information about hepatitis bei gives importance to a particular case. This is a vaccine. But this does not apply much to adults. This will increase new cases. The treatment is treated in this disease, but it lasts for a lifetime.

Hepatitis C is a part of a disease transmitted through the blood. But 80% are considered to be gradual hepatitis.
"Blood transfusions, excessive processes or some risk factors will be subjected to analysis, since they may have been infected before it may be detected," said an expert. In the end, he left three messages:

– The Hepatitis A is a problem for the National Immunization Calendar.

– Hepatitis B is a problem because there are senior people without vaccination, which is why it is very important to check and / or vaccine.

– Hepatitis C is undergoing treatment, 95% of cases are cured.

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