Sunday , January 29 2023

Valeria Mazza defended Alejandro Gravier: "It was funny, he did not ask anything"


We can talk at PH, the model said she has children and she is a joke from her husband.

Alajandra Gravier responded to Valeria Massa Peres:

This visit Valeria Massaza (46) a The night of Mitya There will be consequences for the model of feminism, especially if the driver asks for help, Alejandra Graveyor (58), her husband, also their representative, demanded that she be weighed after each pregnancy. Inn Let's talk The problem explained.

"I laughed because I thought it was very interesting, but I did see them as gravis, but I did not like them, and I enjoyed my pregnancies, I ate 20 kg of pregnancy and I found them pregnant.

"It seemed to me that I felt laughing, and it seemed funny to me, but the" Gravier Swan "appeared," No, he began to minimize controversy. "I frightened my pregnant women and I had 20 kilograms of pregnancy and I had conceived them because I enjoyed them, I started working well and started eating my children in three years, and I came back to work and I did not ask for anything from me "The mother of four children said top model.

"Is it true that every time your husband shows you a picture before a child? & # 39; you should be like this picture again!" One week ago, Valeria was a guest. There are four miraculous births in the body, but you will never be the same, but everything changes in life, but I always try to give myself the best Uh, "he said.

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