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US The agency will fund projects that can be renovated to $ 100 million • Econerial

Foreign Investment Corporation (OPIC, English Summary) The summit of the largest recycling energy company in Geneva, Argentina, will be signed at noon today.Funding for the construction of five solar and wind projects in the country will be provided. Authorities of the United States organization, reported directly under President Donald Trumpt, arrive in Argentina to attend the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires. Today will sign a contract later this afternoon, Gennía executive at San Martin's palace, This government depends on source only.

Financing solar plant financing is OPUL 1,2, 3, He was presented with RenovAr's round 1.5 framework. On the second round of the same project, the big windpits, Chubut Norte 3 and 4. These new projects will collaborate with German development organizations. This is the first time in nearly 10 years that OPIC has decided to produce financial engineering in Argentina's manufacturing projects.

Three solar parks have been added to 80 MW (three megawatts). An investment of 80 billion dollars is required. In that case, The Chubut Norte 3 and 4 projects will cost 140 megawatts, 200 million dollars. "In total investment, this is counted OPIC provides more than $ 100 million in grants"He said Eco Journal A government official was aware of the operation.

OPIC is an agency of the US government. It invests from US companies in emerging markets. It was created in 1971 and, in effect, provides tools for managing the risk of foreign direct investment.

That's a letter to Genneia The previous step towards the formal commitment of financing. Instead, a comprehensive analysis of OPC plans will be put forward to evaluate the technical and economic criteria.

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