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UNICEF: Over 360,000 teenagers die of AIDS by 2030

If you did not invest more HIV prevention, It is considered 360,000 teenagers They will die Aids In 2030, according to a report published by the United Nations Fund on November 29, 2018, UNICEF.

these Statistics The last goal of the world is "very" very far Aids In 2030, minors, YUSISSE Executive Director, Henrietta Four.

Prophecies show that the number of infected children and teens decreases Human immune system Virus (HIV), the virus related deaths Aids.

even though, UNICEF The progress of adolescents to the UN is very low in the 19th century. For example, in 2030 children below 14 are estimated to be 57 percent short. This is 35% compared to children ages 15 to 19.

"Programs to Prevent HIV to publish Children from mothers are giving their results, but they're enough, when programs prevent viruses from handling it Spread Sooner what they wanted in older children, "the phone said.

Reports report Progress is in progress Blocking HIV Among the minors, and one Failure Behavioral address and behavior of AIDS characters. For example, many young people do not know that they are HIV-positive, while others do not give up.

UNICEF Is driving Diagnostic Technologies More Kudumbasree experimental centers, as well as far-ranging programs, as well as digital platforms are used to improve the knowledge of teens on HIV.

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