Sunday , May 28 2023

Under the 20th National Underworld, Ecuador came in second. South Africa complicated its classification


The FIG Sub-20 election He could not have been in Chile's second presence in South America Ecuador The FIG Allicity Has been lost 1-0 The classification complicated the next stage of the game.

Fernando Batista's team has been better off than an opponent. Their attack was in the vast expanse of his opponent.

The national team had a clear chance to lead the side on the scoreboard. First, the ball spun out of the pedro de las vega and passed the ball and hit the ball.

Minutes later, Santiago Sosa tried a shot from the middle-order, but the goal keeper was happy to have a good response to Wellington Ramsar.

Excellence of albumiists can not be emphasized on the rear of Argentinean jori celix. He did not thank Gonzalez Plato's personal performance in the right wing.

Along with this, Argentina is showing more: a good ball game with small balls, but not clear in the field's final motion.

Ecuadorians were more effective. After nine minutes, they were targeted by Alexander Alvarado. The striker was shot in the left parties and prepared for the century, for his team on 1-0 right.

Argentinian defended and progressed through goal. This allowed Ecuador to be punished with immediate opponents, but he was unable to extend the score.

The result was that Cholidio had a chance to adapt to a headache, but his definition was for Goli. The other was Adolf Geoffrey while in the team. A soft shot, controlled by goalkeeper.

This time one point for the national team has two points. Peru and Uruguay are going to the next round.

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