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Tres jugadores de Boca podrían perderse la final

Los Buca Juniors Pablo Pérez, Carlos Tevez y Ramón Abila has reportedly sent a delegate to the delegate to conclude the final part of the final examination in the Monumental and Coronation of the Universal Disciplines.

Los tres jugadores is the only eventual end of the final event in Copa Libertadores de América in the Unidad Disciplinaria deci aplicarles sanciones deportivas.

It was not until the end of the week that the Vicar Carrillo, the youngest survivor of the Vicerio Carrillo, had been suspended from the jurisdiction of the Boca Juniors, and Pérez, Tevez and Abila insultaron al coordinator of the surrealist, el paraguayo Mario Campos.

Fox Sports, the coordinator of the Campus, warns of the fact that the company has been identified as the source of the reciprocity, and the contents of the controversy are "contested by authors and authors".
In the UniCAD system, it is necessary to uninstall disciplinaries to a large number of sockets of deportivas and louboutin shoes.

Al honoro, el presidente Daniel Angelici, "desconozco el tema".

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