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Toyota plant extends the ceramic exchange

In combination Wheat An exchange value, Toyota Argentina extended Cereal exchange plan The farmers who started at the beginning of this year also offered another alternative to taking up any version of Hillcream pickup.

Agricultural products, which produce simple production of foodgrains, include the SAIL Exchange plan in direct communication of primary, morning and wheat primary products. Because some of Hulu's editions are taken over. The transaction of cereals helps to pay with their primary product, avoiding the use of money, which directly affects the customer's easy and financial gain.

Juan Pablo Grono, Marketing and Product Manager of Toyota Argentine, states: "Our project expanded and signed up with the agricultural sector of our country as a representative of Toyota Argentina." Toyota Hilks.

To participate in the plant, determine the manufacturer and the dealers, the amount of grains needed to buy the selected vehicle depending on the price of the day. Then, the manufacturer will distribute cereals to the export agent from Toyota Argentina and get the vehicle.

Plan grants Concrete economic and financial achievementsToyota will also provide security for direct sales from Argentina's dealer network. Most of the process has been done online, which increase the management speed.

Signing in HereMore information is available through the Toyota's network.

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