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Digital conversion

Some of the company's attention is seen by the prospect of Amazon's growth and the crisis of retail. Chile is ready to remain in the new economy.

Falabella, with more than 110 department stores in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Peru, is the largest South American company in South America.

There are 251 hardware stores, 42 shopping centers and 129 super marches.

But the holding company, established in Chile in 1889, was not pursuing other big retailers and was not opposed to Amazon's initiatives such as the US Cyrus or Toys Ru.

In August of this, it bought 100% of Liño and $ 136 million, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the region, with a $ 3.9 billion investment plan between 2018-2021.

In 2017, it was 14.586 million dollars, up 5 percent from the previous year.

In addition, they believe that their traditional commercial network is their main potential.

"Delivery in stores represents the most important part of our sales in online stores and the amount of our skills you can imagine Philabella as a physical digital business is the complete solution to Clive", Signing the letter from El Pas P.

In addition to buying Lenino this year, they developed the first Latin American franchise of Swedish icon, and opened the next nine stores in Chile, Peru and Colombia in the next decade. The first inauguration of the capital of Chile will be in 2020.

In October of last year, he also raised $ 5.550 million into capital.

58 per cent were approved for international investors, including hedge funds, long term institutional funds, sovereign savings schemes and local pension funds.

With Liño, you can speed up your growth in your e-commerce, while looking toward Amazon and Alibaba Latin America.

Even though internet sales were merely sold in 2017, the total number of stores totaled 6.5%, and the United States reached 769 million.

If you benefit from reaching more and more users with Linio, the stores will be back and forth.

Additionally, the financial division of Phalabella may offer more different and convenient payment options. The CMR card started in Chile in the 1980s now has 5.2 million customers in Chile, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Mexico.

In the 90s, its financial services developed in the late 1990s when Banco Felabella opened. In recent years, the Bank of Super Certificate of Banks and Financial Institutions have been authorized to integrate CMR and its banking institution. By the end of the year they are expecting a function that is the largest distribution of cards in the country. .

In the coming years, the Swedish company will be able to expand to 12 new markets, and in 2025 it will be able to reach 3,000 million customers.

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