Sunday , May 28 2023

Today you can not forward an app message five times more times


The app will start up to a new range that can send a message to today. You will not be able to send the same messages to more than one person or groups.

The wrong information and funners that are propagated via Facebook are part of Facebook's effort. The limitation that India received at the end of 2018 will now be implemented in the hurricane's app.

Victoria Grand, Vice President of WhatsApp, explained today that they will start paying off five messages across the globe.

In the next few months, the scope that is charged outside of India is very large: you can send a maximum of 20 groups or contacts, and then a message is a message that messages are delivered.

At the end of December, the app was blocked in the app that prevented you from sharing more than 5 messages in the app, but you repeat the process four times to forward 20 people.

The application will receive an update from Monday onwards, which will enable new range. Android users will get it first and will be provided to iOS users.

WhatsApp is not confined to India only with the problems of rumors and misinformation spreading. In late August 2018, two men were burned alive in Mexico by a boyfriend, abducted by a notorious VatSafe message.

Similar scenarios were repeated in Oaxaca after seven men were beaten. Last year, it was recorded in similar Latin American countries such as Colombia and Ecuador.

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