Thursday , November 14 2019
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To hurt them | Chronicle

Death is more painful than death. Femizides are a group that harasses a woman by killing another woman with more harmful injuries than harassing a woman. Juan Cruz Chirino I have three children Soladad Markos, Who is she? Ciro, 10 years old from an old relationship.

He went to Zero. He was brutally attacked, he stabbed 16 and tried to defend himself, but not against cruelty. Solidad fired and lethal along with three other children following leukemia. The body has already returned from the room. But his partner has left somebody in the Life Gayle.

If he kills his son, he can not put him in jail. Because he decided to take his own life. Like many women victims of sexual abuse, she believed in her promises. At some point, he came to hurt him. Any of us can fall into the hands of a Caesar, welcome violence, believe that it will change, and I believe it will be "a while".

It is not easy to abandon violence groups, but it is impossible. The first step is to help a family approach and these men are often separated. Beloved, in addition to the professionals, these are not deceived by their false promises. These relationships have nothing to do with love.

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