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To announce NASA "First Commercial & # 39; The Partnership & # 39;

The Americans return to the moon. But they are not alone.

NASA has been instrumental in establishing a new "Pan Partnership" deal with American companies.

"In collaboration with US companies, it is the next step to exploring the long-term scientific study of the Moon and the Moon," says an agency blog post.

Starting with 2pm, administrator Jim Bridenstein will announce NASA's television and official website.

These can be viewed on social media, Twitter TV and Youtube. The public has received an invitation to ask questions using Twitter hashtag #askNASA, or NASA provides a comment for Facebook on Livestream.

"Future partners" will join NASA's Science Mission Directorate, Johnson Space Center, Goddard Space Flight Center, Local Robotics Students, Brinstein and TBA.

Details about broadcasts and participating information are very low.

Breadinstein Tuesday tweeted a tweet, "Returning to the surface of the moon … than you thought."

Neil Armstrong, the first man to move to the surface of Earth, decided to send the US Trstump US astronauts back to planet 50 years later.

"According to Space Policy Directive -1, the Agency will collaborate with business and international partners to provide a thorough and sustainable exploration," NASA wrote in his blog.

In December 1972, the United States was the only country to successfully complete the distance from the Moon's surface to the Moon.

Over the years, National Aeronautics and Space Administration has launched Mars on Mars, and the information collected by Saturn and its moons studied thousands of solar terrestrial planets and allowed them to experiment in Earth orbit.

NASA's Insight Mars lander is ready for a two-year mission in the days that they had successfully landed on Red Planet.

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