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Threatens General Motors to close the trump plants: "They play with the wrong people"

Just before traveling to Argentina to attend the G20 summit, US President Donald Trump said, He again angered General Motors (GM) shut down four North American factories and cut down thousands of workers.

In conversation with the Wall Street Journal, the Republican who spoke with GMC CEO Mary Barraa admitted, "it is very difficult with her". "If they open up a new plan in Ohio"The trump threatened the head of the American group.

"When they closed, I spoke to her and I said: This country has done a lot for General Motors. You're good to go back"The US president agreed.

"I said they play with the wrong people"The Tramt was very angry at the announcement of the production of a production line at Lord Town, Ohio, which was built by Chevrolet Cruz. "I said that the Chevaye Cruz is not selling well, well said, buy a well-sold car, give it back," he revealed about the conversation with Barra.

It is ohio A major state of the propagation of the Trump in 2020. She won 8% of the presidential election in 2016.

Republics warned on Wednesday that "all subsidies, including electric cars, are being taught to cut all subsidies." The study was carried out by cutting all subsidies in China, including electronic cars. That ball is worth it. I'm here to protect the American workers."

In 2019, GM's proposals would halt the construction of six models 15% of workers were expelled. Through this revival they are planning to make a total savings 6000 million dollars.

Next year's industrial centers And they shall open their doors, They are Oshawa (Canada), Lorstett (Ohio), Detroit (Michigan), White Marsh (Maryland) and Warren (Michigan). Last fourUnited States

Inn Argentina General Motors, produced by Santa Fe in Chevrolet Cruze, will be halted in one of six models in the US.

In the country, sources of the company have given him assurance TN Cars Status in the US Plans will not change Sedan and hatchback version, investing 500 million dollars Create a new model in 2020.

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