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This kind of sanctions Bethesda of homophobia attacks in Fallout 76

Like Bethsaida Fallout 76 hurts homophonic attacksAfter the wretched incident of a gang of boys attacked by other players, Bethesda For those who do not know how to behave in the latest game, he is very clear about his position.

The story happened like this: Nathan sent The Hickke's username to his friend Aji. Fallout 76, One of the most common types of online games; Nathan was disturbed when he said "lover" in his character's shelves, and, in the absence of them, cried out in the afternoon, "He does not like these" behaviors.

Nathan quickly ceased to annihilate Ajayan's group. Despite the illness, it was a part of the multiplayer experience. The problem is the added challenge of homophobia through voice chat. Unfortunately, this is a very unfortunate situation. It is very unfortunate. Unfortunately, it is very strong in society. Later AJ tried to inform them as a Bethesda, it was not easy and showed that users need to improve their support system.

The attackers reported this unfortunate incident Bethesda Even if they have helped Twitter, it's not easy to upload the video in a format they want to report, "said Ajay Eurogamer. You can see this video in the message sent by AJ on social network.

Bethesda He carefully understood the matter and told us very much about the play and did not allow him to play for three days. However, during uploading to YouTube channel, Nathan was proud of what he did in the video he called "Limby de de Orgonance". In addition, he adds:

"My guards are nearly equal to the version of the public, I have only one desire verukkunnatenn the difference. It was an evening in the evening, in the evening, we thought it was interesting to accuse them in any way after the first meeting (see my channel). It sounds bad, but it excited veruteyallenn Does not think. I pascattapikkunnumilla this incident. I apologize if I have the chance to ask. I do not remember anything like that in the future, but right, I did not plan it in advance. I have found them, and decided to do it. "

The sentence of three days was turned into a permanent ban Fallout 76.

Beyond the end of such a ugly relationship, Bethesda Gamer's viewers are the most expansive and sustainable, as all companies dedicated to the games should pay attention to the laws and tools that allow intervention. Even though online games are not a novelty novice Blizzard, He has his privileges World of Warcraft For 14 years, the user fails in the Salvation.

Are there any worrying experiences of racism in homoeopia or online games? What do you feel about the titles in these cases?

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