Friday , September 30 2022

This is not ice, it is an icy surface on the surface of Mars


(CNN) – When you see a frost on the Red Planet, korolev crack is ideal for ice skating than with making ice candy. The European Space Agency released on Thursday launched its Mars Mission Express.

However, this crust does not freeze only on the Martian winter season. Throughout the year, it has covered over 1,800 m thick ice sheets in the Khorovu crater.

Marshole korellov.

This crater is about 80 km south of the northern polar range, known as the Northern lowland Olympia Antenna. At the bottom of the jar of the crater, the snow below 2 km runs on a cold and cold trap. Wind and ice flowing into the ice sheets create a layer of cold air cooled. It should not be melted.

The crater is known as the chief rocket engineer, known as the father of Soviet space technology, and spacecraft designer Sergei Korelov. In 1961, Kirov worked in the Spartik program Vostok program that brought the first man into space and the soya precursors rockets.

The film is a picture of a picture taken by high-resolution camera in the Mars Express. The Mars Express mission in the European Space Agency is celebrated in 15 years after its launch in June 2003. On December 25, that year Marcion entered the orbit.

InSight places its first device

This operation is never ending for NASA's Insight mission. After landing on the surface of Mars on November 26, Lander was taking picture scenarios.

On Wednesday, he reached the surface of his first device, the seismometer, and the first seismometer on an underground surface. The lander's robotic land was about 1.6 meters long, and so the front of the terrestrial saisomometer was established.

Bruce Banert, Insight's Chief Investigator, said in a statement: "It is important that deploying silicmeter as inset landing on Mars." Seismometer is the most important instrument for insight: We need to complete about one-third of our scientific motives. "

NASA's Insect mission has established a seismometer on the surface of Mars.

This is known as the sixx or semitic expiration of the interior structure.

"Insight calendar of activities on Mars is much better than we expected," said Insight Project Manager Tom Hofmann in a statement. "A Christmas gift to keep the seismometer safe on the ground."

The earthquakes will be discovered below the surface of Mars and Zionimeter will analyze the underground water bodies.

"The seismometer on the globe is like what the phone is in your ears," said Philip Logan, principal investigator of the CIS in the Institute of Physics in Paris. "We are all the terrestrial waves on the surface of Mars, and we are in the best position to hear from within."

When the seismometer level retains, the new information will begin on Earth.

"We're trying to try some shampoo when the data is available from the Insight seismometer," Banter said. "I'm getting a bottle on that occasion."

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