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This is all the combatants available at Mortal Kombat 11

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One week after the same player fanatic led him into all the wagons, Mortgage Kombat 11 Eight generations of the franchise have reached the console Ed Boon Two years after the last games in the world of video games.

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"Was demonstrated in the realmThe Game Awards 2018», The next title has revealed further details about its upcoming content, which will eventually target the expectations of the fans. Confirms the list of full fighters who have achieved a new filtration delivery over two months of its official deployment.

As reported Segment nextScorpion, Sub-Zero, Scarlet, Garas, Raiden, Sonia, Shao Khan, Riaz, BarackaThis is one of the fans' claims that are not available in the last installment of players.

You can get an idea of ​​anticipated by official petrol or upcoming DLC ​​delivery when you own the new version of Trousse in the following list. You can check the list below:

(*) Scorpion
(*) Sub-zero
(*) Liu Kang
(*) Sonia Blade
(*) Johnny Cage
(*) Casey Cage
(*) Jackson Briggs
(*) Jacqui Briggs
(*) Raiden
(*) Kung Lava
(*) rain
(*) Baracka
(*) Kittana
(*) Jade
(*) Scarlet
(*) Chronological
(*) Kotal Khan
(*) Shao Khan
(*) Kabel
(*) Nob Seibbot
(*) Shanghai Chung
(*) Fujian
(*) Geras
(*) The FIG
(*) Kanna

Mortgage Kombat 11 On April 23, 2019, the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch will be launched.


Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage

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