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This is a tinball playing Polino or Marcelo Polino


Under the Glass of Glory: "He is always a man working, I was never too angry with him and raised his voice"

Yesterday, the animation that responded to the questions of users on his official Instagram account was amazed at the closest approach to the jestistist party.

He is a great leader and leader of a team and knows how to lead people. I think he has a good environment and I will vote for him. "


"I have my roots in periology, but I'm always helping little people and financial groups, and helping the strongest," says Masses. In this way, Tinto thinks, "National product, regional industries and employment generation will give importance to people."

He also said that he would concentrate on his plan in April 2019, but he would open up a future public office. "Time will come, people have power, they decide, and now I'm preparing for Season Season 30," he explained.

Over the course of the year, Maria Eugenia Vidal, the governor of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Mayor, Horacio Rodríguez Laura, and Sergio Massa, the leader of the Renewed Front.

Unclear, obviously, in addition to the everlasting evolution of its program, "the people have the power and they decide".

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