Thursday , June 8 2023

This is a return phone


(The video published by the company's director credit)

Chinese company Xiaomi He introduced his new phone Folding screen Through a video of the company's co-founder and president, Lin Bin.

Although this model is not the same, it seems to be practical now.

The length can be found in the features of the features on a one minute clip device, Using it as a tablet or a cell phone is ideal for this.

The images are initially shown as a tablet, but within twenty twenty twenty new ones, Lin Bin comes to a horizontal position Retrieve the edges of the screenIt will distort the colors without playing the video.

Automatically transforms the resolution to a new format. The result is a telephone like any other, in detail The screen is covering the entire surfaceFront and back.

The Chinese giant has not disclosed many details of its return journey, but the company's director is the new discovery "flexible mole screen screen technology, floating traction shaf technology, cycles and flexible cover technology".

This new device has been launched at the beginning of the year and is aimed to compete against other molding phones launched by brands Samsung And Royal

According to the rumors, Huawei Technology And Lenovo Group They are trying to take their return models.

Xiaomi has not revealed when more details are about to release her folding phone, but given that Mobile World Congress (MWC) starts within a month, all of the specifications will be quicker to get out.

The video created some queries, afterwards Of course, note that all applications can be synchronized to variable resolutions.

as well as, The camera will not appear in front or back. The logical thing is to think that it will be hidden if the phone is returned.

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