Thursday , October 28 2021

They shot a bus driver in La Matanza: 7 rows unemployed – 03/12/2018


A bus driver in Ivan Montenegro 242 was shot dead in a criminal court in Buenos Aires of Lanzan, on Monday after the shooting. It is dangerous.

Montenegro was shot in the left foot and shot dead at the Solis Clinic in San Justo, police sources said.

In addition, his colleagues held an indefinite period to meet in the assembly and ask them to improve their work conditions and security.

The company includes 172, 242, 298, 624, 174, 317, and 635 documents in La Cabana.

The incident happened in the morning when Montenegro ended his working day.

Representative Sergio Paz explained the arrival at the last stop at Abdi neighborhood between 12.30 am and 12.40 pm. Montenegro threatened with a weapon and threatened to give its goods.

"He insisted on making a stop beyond his path," Paz explained. We do not know exactly how the incident happened. But he broke down with a bullet on the left foot, so fortunately it was good, "he added in the channel's debate. All the news.

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