Tuesday , January 31 2023

They realized the dead couple who were in the shock of Alberto in the Deli La Provincial SJ


Sunday's play was a brutal match in the life of a couple in Albordon. He died inside the car. She was seriously injured when she went out of the cabin without wearing a seat belt.

The police identified the criminals such as Christina de Carla and Walter Roggwils. They lived in Santa Luka. He was a famous doctor in our province. He was a specialty clinic member.


The Audi house took control over Ignazio de Rossa, in Italy's street, and defended a tree. In effect, a woman opened many meters. Driver burnt alive Only a few hours later the woman escaped. The woman tried to take her to a hospital in Rosenhagen.

Alberto's volunteer force and Section 18 from Alberton worked on the site. The judges included criminals and interference.

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