Friday , June 9 2023

They raise up 7% cigarettes


Three weeks after the start of the year, the price of all cigarettes has increased. An impressive 7.7 per cent adjustment in British American Tobacco has been added since January, 2011, by increasing the January sales of the company. For the company, it is in the background of the country's inflation. Last year, Marlboro and Philip Morris cigarettes accounted for 6 per cent.

"The high taxes on cigarette smoke have been imposed on top of the cigarette: in fact 80.4 percent of the sales are equal to various taxes and special funds collected by the state government", indicated British British Tobacco.

Lucky Strike Red Box 20, $ 76; Lucky Strike Red KS, $ 72; Lucky Strike Red Box 12, $ 41. Meanwhile, the Lucky Strike Cool Box, $ 76; And Click Strike Cool KS, Click 72 USD. Rothmans Red Box 20 price $ 68, KS 20 $ 60 Format, Rothmans Click KS 20 price goes $ 60, so it is the lowest international brand. The price of milk mall KS 20 is $ 72, "the company said in a statement.

The company repeated "Concern about the Minimum Tax Covered of Some Informal Tobacco Companies, About the Risk of Competition".

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