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They publish a photograph of a "last breath" to die


January 23, 2019

The much larger telescope (VLT) was taken in Europe by a device that was invented and stunning.

It can only be captured using a single lens. Could not the photographer get the shine of the star with such a clarity?ESO 577-24& # 39; s if it did not use a strong telescope Very large telescope (VLT)The mission was located 1,400 light years away The earth.

The glitter of the planet's nebula remained only a few minutes awayThe long-distance telescope was on the right moment to upload pictures worldwide on Wednesday.

What happens to the star? The result of this explosion is a dead body. It has ejected its outer layers, and it will not be as long as it cools away from the universe.

The FIG ESO 577-24 A red giant star, in its nucleus, has become hydrogen fuel in its final phase. According to the agreement, it is putting pressure on its core, then all the outward energy comes out, which can lead to strong underlying winds.

The star was found after the election National Geographic Society-Palomar Observatory Sky Survey In the 1950s it was incorporated into the Abel Catalog of Planetary Nebula in 1966.

The nebula is here 1,400 light on earth The telescope's telescope can be seen with its terrible light. & # 39;ESO 577-24& Lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; extension.

The image was created and archived in this program ESO Cosmic JeweleryA Catalog, which stores interesting, emotional, or visual objects using SO Telescopes to take unique moments in Spain.

It is a "death asteroid" that is going to bring it to Earth

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