Monday , June 5 2023

They predict a surplus of $ 7,000 million in 2019


However, the consultant highlights it Commercial surplus will come back for this year, close to $ 7,000 million.

He pointed out in that statement "In December 2018, trade turnover increased by more than $ 1.3 billion and rose to the highest since 2014,; It's highlighted Exports were up 15.4 percent year-on-year, SIAM said. Imports of oleoresins declined by 27.1 per cent.

This data reflects "A year end unthinkable", How much would be expected in 2019 to see the trends in foreign trade in the coming months?

"In the fourth quarter, the weak domestic demand, the competitiveness rate, and the Brazilian election resulted in economic reforms and exports to exchange value and value exports, which was 10 per cent last year, $ 16,000 million, and 25 per cent of the total yearly imports, The consultant explains.

As a result, Ecolatina reports "Reduction of $ 3,200 million in October-December 2017 and $ 2,600 million to the United Nations". In this way, The trade deficit was down from US $ 3.8 billion in 2018 (GDP -0.7%).

Projection 2019.jpg

Dynamics was more similar in the beginning of 2019 in the last quarter of last year.

In this framework, analytical projects "That exports will grow by seven per cent and that's an annual turnover of 10 per cent.

In this way, "The trade and trade balance of goods reached a positive two-year low, at a record price of over $ 7,000 million."

To close, you need to consider "This will have a positive effect on the electoral uncertainty: the exchange pressure for the election process is the exchange rate, and inflation."

"This negative combo has more external purchases than purchasing power, while increasing the competitiveness of the exchange rate and exporting it as an invisible outstation.As a result, there is an awkward perspective on the other side of the variable and what's going on in the other side of the variable & Ends.

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