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They develop the "vaccine", and protect the bees and allow them to stay in life – – diero de Mendoza, Argentina


According to the United Nations, at least 40 percent threaten the surge of spikes, especially the bee and butterflies. The scientists in Finland will help protect the bees using the world's first vaccine and help prevent the onset of the population's population. It will affect the global food crisis.

The bee has the effect of 90% of the world's major crops. But in recent years, these valuable insects are "colon dropping syndrome", a mysterious evil. This is alleged to cause mites, pesticides, viruses or mushrooms, and many of these components are mixed.

Scientists say food prices and difficulties are likely to fall.

Medical Advance

The product of a group at Helsinki University gives bees through the necessary struggles to defend the microorganisms of vaccines and pollutants.

"If we think we can save even a small part of the bee with this discovery, we can do our good deeds, save the world" Said Dalialel Freemak.

"This will increase from 2 to 3 percent of the bee population" Assurance of AFP.

Having believed that humans and other animals have antibodies in the main mechanics used to deal with disease, they believed that insect can not be vaccinated.

But in 2014, a pesticides and immunologist, Freetak, realized that some of the bacteria-rich butterflies affected their immune system and their immune system.

Bees, Freetak, Proteins, Heli Salma, etc. are the most widespread and destructive of bacterial diseases in Beevir.

How do you "vaccination" bees?

This treatment will be given to the queen's queen by a chick in the same way that polio vaccine receives vaccine.

Queen delivered her defenses to her offspring.

The group seeks to produce a vaccine available in the market. However, "there are so many restrictions that are expected to reach market for four to five years", Freetak

There are many reasons

Scientists believe that diseases are responsible for the loss of explosions. This is also an aggressive agricultural sector that will reduce food diversity and diversity of insects.

However, they believe that the freetic team will be more effective in preventing the prevention of the disease than the honey bees.

The European Union Canada and Canada voted for the prohibition of neonitotinos. It was very harmful for the reconstruction of bees.

According to the United Nations published in 2016, foodgrains of 507,000 million euros each year depend on nutrition. The quantity of products that are dependent on pottinators have increased by 300% over the last 50 years.

Due to the lack of Pontiners, some farmers have become part of China in certain areas of fruit trees, bees or manual polaches.

Helsinki has the funding support outside the project, but research is expected to continue in Grae University of Australia. It is the renowned biologist Karl Van Fritz. In 1973, the findings of the communication techniques and humane tools of the bees were won by the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

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