Thursday , September 29 2022

They develop a new way to find ammonia in children


The FIG Sleep on children This is a syndrome for diagnosis. Methods of monitoring The patient should spend a night in the hospital and the interpretation of the information received is complicated. Thus, a new group of Spanish, American scientists and engineers developed a new discovery.

The scientific journal, PLS, 981 of the 981 pediatrics examinations. The measurement of oxygen concentrations in blood is processed by processing signals and algorithms.

That's one of the most important aspects of the new system You can do it at home Using portable tools, because it is only necessary to install a clip on the finger of a boy. This factor records the blood oxygen levels of the night.

"When using different classification algorithms with this method, the baby may be respiratory to the asymptot's signal. Collect information for conventional methods of signal analysis"Says Fernando Wacarujio, one of the authors.

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