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They detect how they encourage smoking to stop smoking


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(Caracas, November 25. News 24)Photographs of people who are annoyed and disgusted by a smoker who will smoke can eliminate this habit of harming their health.There is a study published in the journal of consumer affairs published this week.

In an experiment, researchers at the Western Ondari University decided to depict the effects of tobacco on the body contained in the cigarette packs.

Research involving 156 smokers included the same slogan (& # 39; People Smoking Patients & # 39;). First, the cigarette pack was depicted by an image of impartial face-to-face. Secondly, people were disgusted.

This experiment also suggests that smoking is a source of embarrassment to quit smoking and the second picture shows that smoking is a source of humiliation.

even though, The authors of the work make it clear that this method is not completely ethical, as it creates more pressure on those who can not stop smoking. That's why they need more studies.

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