Monday , February 6 2023

They claim to have found a new area in the brain


Gerardo Showfair [email protected]

A team of scientists associates a new area of ​​brain with the minute movements of the body. We may have some kind of extra thought for humans, which are not seen in other preliminary parts.
George Poxzano, a neuroscientist neuroscientist research Australia (Naura) and his team were found to be the ultimate terminal nucleus. Because, in inferior cerebellar pedunculum (also known as the recipiotic body). It is located at the bottom of the brain.
We have received sensor and motor data from our sector for receiving our views, balances and movements.
"Like a river through the inferior seriflor pedumkul, a spin-off of the brain from the brain of the spinal cord, like a river to the underline of the brain," says the Science Alert of the Paxinos Journal. He added: "Endow-terminal nucleus is a group of nuclei, which is like a island in the river.
The brain structure has been confirmed. Pasenonos came with the use of new brain strain techniques. He developed the development of images of brain cells for the last neuro anatomical atlas.
The researcher suggested that endorphific phosphorus existed for decades. He and his colleagues noted that the surgical treatment of antholitical therapy cordotomy was possible by cutting the spinal cord and a surgical procedure that spinal fibers would spin endo-errium nucleus.
Paxinos suspects that the unseen part of the brain is likely to be contained in a good motor vehicle that supports the fact that other animals, including drugs or rhesus monkeys, have not yet been found.
"I can not imagine being as intelligent as a reader of the guitar, even though I liked music," Poxsonos said.
Like the chimpanzees (1,300g, just 600 grams), the human brain has twice as much as it does. A high percentage of our brain neuronal patterns that leads to diabetes shows that they contact directly with motor neurons: 20% in the other primary market.
Therefore, the nervous system's nucleus may be another special feature in our nervous system, but it is too early to say so early. That's why pecnoenos are doing some work with chimpanzees.
To know how to get Endo-Terminal Nucleus, we must be able to study in a person living for a high-quality magnetic effect.
We are saying a popular myth that has been developing in society for years. We use only 10% of our brain, which disappoints many, that is quite wrong. There are some who respect Albert Einstein as the founder of this epichasan.
There are two phenomena that explain the misunderstanding. There are nine cells in the brain that do not support nine cells that support cells and other 10% of cells provide both physical and nutritional support for responsible neurons. But 90 percent of the people do nothing and that's just the other activities.
Similarly, scientists can not explain some capabilities, such as candles, which keep memories, and where they can be accessed, awareness or personality.

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