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They attacked the Canadian diplomat Porto Madiro in the G20

Start with touch G20 meeting of the city of Buenos AiresAn event established by an important security officer, a well-known Canadian diplomat, was attacked and beaten by a spokesman for World leaders meetings in the neighborhood of Puri Madier.

prey John KirtonProfessor of the University of Toronto, yesterday, two criminals approached the court to steal their goods. I happened to be walking along with two colleagues Intersection Laavalla and Madero, A few meters away from Luna Park to Nestor Kirchner Cultural Center in the area where the buses are moving from G20.

Kirsten says, They did not remove anything Because others have been stolen. The man did not make a formal complaint, but he did so publicly.

Police indicate sources Infobox Investigators, Check the cameras in the area.

"When two young men attacked me, I was walking with two colleagues," he said in his twitter account, where he uncovered the case. Journalists visiting the Buenos Aires in the G-20 summit should not only keep the local police safe or secure.

"There is no security sight"After mentioning Kirton in the same line after the episode of insecurity, he shared a photo that was cut in a haircut.

Kirton's followers in the social network discussed him about his health condition. He said that the impact he suffered was "not serious" and that he was working again for these hours.

Co-Director of the Grigon Research Group, co-director of the G20 Research Group, founder and founder of the BRICS Research Group, Global Affairs at the University of Trinity College, Canada.

"After the 31G7 summit, the twelve G-20 summites, and since 1988 one of the brisks, the security of my luck and the host ended,In another post, the rhyme was written by Kirston with a hint.

A meeting of state chiefs will be held November 30, December 1. Security activity has been widespread since the ships and airplanes from other countries have joined. In addition, public transport services will involve circulating blood, multiple blocks and modification.

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