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They agree that breastfeeding prosthesis will have "rare and serious side effects" for further study

Plastic Surgery of Societies International Confederation (ICOLHCH) 60 countries Including the United States, Canada, and Australia, and a statement on "Although there are rare and serious side effects,.

According to the Netherlands-based international organization, "The most common problems with breast implants Copulal concrete, insalasmus and writ of implant ".

According to this statement, "The side effects are widely studied, especially in the region Rare diseases such as Sigrons Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Limito Cancer, BIA-.

About the End –Anaphylactic large cell lymphomas are breast implants This implies that "the speed around the implant is to increase the rapid size of the hair" ("The late seros). Generally studying cells in that fluid, It can undergo surgery And, while pointing Special cancer treatment ".

The consequences of the investigation spread throughout the world Intranet files, International Consortium of Inventigative Journalists (ICJI), led by 58 World Media Participants, Infobox, The Nation And ProfileFor Argentina.

These works, published in the same country in 36 countries, are on the alert Disability in health control in many countries The safety of implants and electrical equipments is related Used in the patients, Insufficient clinical trials before launching new models in the market, And Hides the amount of adverse effects.

This text was officially copied in our country Argentine Society of the ESTeetic and Conconstructive Plastic Surgery (SACPER), This afternoon distributed in our country's surgical settings.

Consulted Infobox, George Pedro, the clinic of clinic D Clinicas Plastic Surgeon and SACPER's Communication Secretary, this lymphoma type "This is low, but it stays thereMakes all types of implants in the body A tumor, like a remedy. In breast prosthesis, it creates around the silicon capsule. Cancerogenic may be because some lymphatic cells are deadly. In most cases, there is healing. "

"There are about 500 such cases around the world in nearly 15 million breastfestas," he said, "and official documents are done by Australia and America."

Breast Implant Records

The IOCL statement states that "self-immune diseases (eg Seagongers syndrome, chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis) Is associated with breast implants. These symptoms are pointed out ASI Syndrome or Breast Impact Disease (BII).

However, according to the international institutions, there is no "clear evidence" of a relationship More research is needed to evaluate any possibility between the automatic infinity / informative syndrome produced by Adjuvants (ASI syndrome) and breast implants..

ICOPLAST warns in this sense "Need more financing to support BIA-ALCL and ASI syndrome research " That "The key to this research is data collection through effective national registrations of chest infants ".

Worldwide, implants of implant breast implements have the potential to improve health problems. "

In the ICOPLAC statement, "Australian Breast Devices Registry (ABDR) is a model of such national registers." It collects anonymous information about breast implants. "Within the international legitimacy of the results of these registries, within the international legal framework for privacy, The network, namely the National Plastic Surgeon Society, Breast Surgery Society, Regulator and Researcher, is the International Cooperation for Breast Registration (ICOPA).

Similarly, ICOPLAST is "Women with these side effects should be seriously supported and supervised. BIA-ALCL is rare, and generally, one that is easily treatable ".

Pedro was assured when conversion Infobox, "Providing all this information to a patient with informed consent." as well as "Cancer, does not directly relate to immune system diseases, and can not rule it completely in the future ", So "The subject is still being studied"

Like any implant in the body, like any implant in the body, problems can be created, they may be solved or broken. "One in 10th class, 10 years, they need to be replaced," this plastic surgeon was added to a 30-year experience.

Women who wish to have breastfed surgeries say in the ICOPLAST statement,Make sure you have full information about trusted sourcesAnd "They invite their infrared and surgically to register in a national database".

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