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These are the best selling products

Amazon offers free shipping one week

Black Friday is going on November 23. One day heavy stores are downgrading their products, ie customers' jewelry. One day Many of us are looking forward to year by year, where we have to take advantage of lower price.

The Cyber ​​Monday discounts have gone well to Amazon. He wanted to prove it Would you like to know what Amazon sold most of this time during Black Friday, with the information you know about your sale and the results?

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday: Amazon Records Days

According to Amazon's data, Cyber ​​Monday has become one of the largest orders in the history of the company worldwide. No wonder the entire service is available on platform and platform. Discounts on products. For example, this is more of a fact More than 18 million dolls were ordered and 13 million fashion items were made on both sides. Small and medium companies have been able to improve their output last year, compared to Black Friday in 2017, which is a 20 percent decline in sales.

These are the best selling items in the Amazon on Friday namely Eco Dot, the Fire TV Stick BASIC edition, Siamyo Band Band 3, Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15IKB Laptop.

Marigella Marsegally, the commerce manager in Amazon, said that this was the best result in Italy and Spain. There have been access to more offers than this during Black Friday, In the Amazon Span more products this year's sale this year, we tried to make Black Fried and the buyers and buyers thereafter.

Technology is the technology of products sold to the company. Another thing is that the disqualer tablets, the baby's throats, A pack of 12 containers, beer, toilet paper, or mops. Some of them, while in the breakfast, allow us to save ourselves the same day,

We can see how, without leaving this type of products Xiaomi Me Band 3 It is one of the FIFA 19 and Spider-Man games for PlayStation 4 or 64 GB microSD games from Sandisk.

Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV, Kindle or Amazon Fire TV. Steek has had better results at the sales level, and beyond the Amazon's products, they are also well-respected and deserving They accept the acceptable price for us.

In fact, the most widely sold product in the category of manufacturers is Amazon eco dot, a kind of Google home mini, but Amazon's Virtual Assistant Alex, It allows us to control the light of our house, or even the orders in the Amazon.

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