Monday , February 6 2023

There will be no airline unemployment Monday


Everonomas Argentine or australia passenger does not have a number of six aeronautical unions after demanding the completion of contracts after the hike in inflation.
There will not be any flirt in this way, including a flag carrier (including San Robfell). Criticizing the differences from the Air Pilots' Association (APLA) raised the intellectual status and criticized the National Government for not compulsory compromise for parties to discuss.
In conversations in FM VOS, APLA's intelligence secretary, Nicolas Capella, said "the measure of power" includes a percentage of one trigger clauses signed by an agreement that does not charge unrelated aeroliners and Austril workers. The 6.5% Index issued by the Index issued in September was due to the signing of the Index employment contract and the disproportionate denial of the company.
The movements for suspension of post-suction (post-independence) suspension have been suspended (300 suspended). ElliNNN has filed applications for over 200 years of disruption in the budget of over 200 flights.
"On Tuesday, Claine and La Nazionne approved employees, and we realize that it's a move by measurement declaration," said Capella. The passengers were thinking of the destruction of these criteria.
"We have selected the right to strike. Tools are not able to raise the national protest against the state, it is compulsory conciliation, the Ministry of Labor conciliation reliable that belong to our attention. Directly provide light to notify the ministry of reconciliation specific to the time that the command does not iprakaramallate Tulla take action. "
The strike was declared at Eruru Park Jarrelli in a press conference held last Wednesday.

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