Thursday , September 29 2022

There was a "tumor" tumor that a child could not see disappeared


In June, Rocco Dasas met with unstable cancer "He is located on the back of his brain, so he expressed his wish to plant his suitors", as he explained on his GoFundMe page in Texas, United States. This 16-year-old girl's research was not good. But something happened: Doctors can not explain what happened and what happened.

Dr. Virgenian Harrod works at the location where girls are treated, with local KVU "His condition was very strange. That's a destructive illness. Gradually loss of ability to swallow, sometimes vision, speech, breathing difficulties. "

even though There is no treatment This type of tumor (which is an extreme dip pig in English) used the RxLL for several weeks. 3 months after the diagnosis came to be amazing: it revealed the magnetic resonance "There were no clear speculations"As the family has reported. "It's a miracle. We all shocked, but we prayed to do that, but they did not. "

If you consult with the professional, she admitted she did not believe the result of the study. "Tumor can not be found is something unusual", He explained. The medical corps confirmed the diagnosis, "he added.

Parents reported that they had been tested to confirm their results Treatment will continue Preventive Immunization "We do not know how healthy we are, it's too big," Scott said, father.

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