Wednesday , September 28 2022

"There is no worse management than what has been done" – 12/20/2018


There is no difficulty in leaving the Pattu Martineñus de River. The key to the football circuit of Galardo's team gives priority to finding a replacement. The direct title is headed by Oscar Romero, The former Paraguay Racing, China's Shanghai Zhuzhn, was awarded nine million dollars a few years ago. How is your arrival in the river? His representative said, "difficult but impossible."

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"He has a two-year contract, Chinese pay is very high, but someone who calls me from the river can talk something to talk and talk," said Daniel Campos. Discussions with Close Continental People (AM590). "The player's desire is decisive, but I must have an officer to ask him any officer." No sooner could the bokes be able to do with Boro's Scotto. .. "

Romeo has a two-year contract with Shooting Sheenhu.

Romero is a football player for the campus, technically led by Marcelo Galardino. "Any footballer is like a Oscar Romero, Galleria and cane, a river class," he said. In addition, he eagerly warned us: "I do not want to do, but there is no worse mental control than you can do."

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