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The worst symptom: young gan in the lung camp hospital – escobar: escobar News: escobar day

Life destroys. At the age of 26 in Media, a 4-year-old girl studied marriage and mechanics.

Life in the Pablo Medieval Hospital was 26 years old. F.V.V., who was diagnosed with Hantavirus at Fatima Clinic "I like to go," said the father.

Pablo MediaWilla (26) passed away after she suffered a 15-day long battle. The national girl Garrin was dead at the Hantavirus Fascuma di Escobar Clinic Hospital.

This Wednesday began to spread to social networks, and the family itself confirmed it. He died on 20.30 due to respiratory problems, lungs, lungs, lungs and respiratory illness. Escobar day The baby's mother, Rosana, completely moved.

Pillar, a four-year-old girl and a worker, is believed to have suffered when working in a clean house at a warehouse. The hospital has been admitted to the hospital since Thursday. The municipality de Capital Federal is transferred from a hospital escortune by family request.

Two days later, the studies conducted by the Malbrian Institute showed that the presence of terrifying Henry Weiss was absorbed in his body. They may have been infected with a disease that has been infected with mice, but it may be cause of death: Leptospirosis.

"Yesterday he stopped breathing and put it into an artificial lung and watched how it had evolved within the next 48 hours, and if I can not improve it, I'm dying," his father was quoted by Claudio Mediaville.

Unfortunately, more days went than predicted, but the last one was the same.

"He does not deserve it … I'm a Malvinas viral for Labyrinth, because he's now mechanical, but the truth is what I want to go and see what I'm saying," said the father. Escobar dayShe is tearing away with pain.

The physical remains of Pablo Mediaville were on the night at the Escobar War Veterans' Box.

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