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The wars between coaches are official

The fight between the coaches of the Pokin GO

From launch date, it is one of the most anticipated features of the Pokin's GV. at this time, The wars between coaches are going to hit the pokemon goal.

After a series Teasers Posted on Pokémon GO's official Twitter account, game developer We finally announced everyone expected. In the Battles trainer match will be very soon, So coaches around the world can fight among themselves to receive new worms, including new creatures.

The struggles between the coaches of the Pokin GO: To be a reality

They buried Pokkin Goyal as a 79-year-old player

In the past August, Pokkin was the last sign of the arrival of wars between coaches to Goa. At that time, it pointed out These new year lasts are ready by 2018It is time to complete the term of the deadline, so all the documents to reach Niantic.

This moment, of course, does not reveal any information about the wars, although it is very likely to be used The exchange between coaches is similar to the exchange. In that case, only those who are close to each other can face wars.

The company will announce only a few hours after the launch of the new Pokémon launcher starting on December. Therefore, if the war is not delayed until the beginning of next year, there is no doubt that the highest number of piccone coach coaches every year will be the end of the year.

Because the specified date was not specified, The momentum of wars between coaches to Goa is a mystery. This can happen in a few hours, just like in the weekend or next month. We'll let you know related news as soon as we can.

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