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The US Government recently & # 39; Funding was financed


In the last few decades, foreigners have not been a great deal. Enlarged cameras and phones have been increasing steadily, as some have believed, the reliability of the UFO's perspective will increase. Instead, we find fake walls. It will take 48 hours to clear the footage of the UFO firing on the fodder scene of experts. Whether it's just a reflection in a car window or a highly reflective geese SpaceX Rocket.

But in the UFO world more than 2017 was excited New York Times Discloses a large report in detail in detail Advanced Aviation Thread Identification Program, a Defense Department Click & # 39; & # 39; s, made in 2007 and 2012. An unexplained air attacker & # 39; Queried

It is not clear what the project really is. Accordingly Louis Elizondo, The project is now the previous head Tom Delong& # 39; s The Stars AcademyThey mainly collected information on the perspectives of UFO and academic research in futuristic technologies.

The project was kept secret, but it was not classified. It did not allow its parts Information of Information Act The benefit to the general public should be avoided. Last week, in response to an FOIA request Steven Affleud That's it Federation of American scientists, That Defense Intelligence Agency AATIP funded 38 research projects with financial support.

The purpose of the document AATIP is "Investigate the weapons of armament for foreign arms up to the next 40 years"Initially released internally House Committee for Armed Services (Time was presided over Senator John McCain) Will start in January 2018.

These studies are all titles and their authors. But they are quite bonnes. Dr. Eric Davis From EarthTech International Something that was called Transmitted viruses, stargages and negative energy. In geography, Dr. Hal Putaf Research Spacetime metric engineering based on advanced space propulsion vacuum. Dr. Robert Baker From Gravesway Query High-Definition Gravitational Wave Communications. At that time St. Andrews UniversitySomeone is calling Dr. Uff Leonardhard Verified Invisibility Cloaking.

It is no more ridiculous. Here are some hits:

  • Antigua for aerospace applications
  • Positron Aerospace Propulsions
  • Ideas for separating energy from quantum vaccine
  • An Introduction to a Statistical Drake Equation
  • Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extraordinate Distinctions
  • Technical approaches to managing external devices in the absence of ling-operated interfaces
  • Metallic glasses
  • Space-communication implications of quantum engagement and non-metals
  • Laser tract nanoselettelights
  • Use organic molecules in quantum computing and automation technology
  • Quantum Tonker of Negative Energy states in Wagah
  • Art and Evolution of High Energy Laser Weapons

This is definitely a matter of processing.

Because they did research, they made efforts to get rid of the US. The Defense Department actually spent the actual reality, hormone research and researchers.

You can read the entire list here.

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