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The typical remains of coronary arteries: "They said to me that if I had a baby I would die."

Hayley Martin

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Hayley Martin felt he would die when he suffered a heart attack.

Heart attacks and often affect young women are a rare disorder: the natural coronary artery discovery (CAD).

A tear form in one of the blood vessels that can prevent blood circulation is caused by a stroke, a heart attack, or a sudden death.

Doctors say that women who survive one of these cases do not have any children again.

Hayley Martin (47) recalls the very morning When his life changed forever.

"When I felt very tired, I put my hands on my head and bathed in sweat, and I knew I had a stroke," said Victoria Derbyshire, BBC.

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Along with heart attack, abnormal heart rate, or sudden death, a tear forms in one of the blood vessels that can block blood flow.

Healy was 38 years old in the natural coup of coronary arteries and had good health.

Disease is still unattended.

However, heart failure is one of the leading causes of women in reproductive health in women aged 30 to 50.

It often happens Without history of heart disease Or risk factors.

Hayley, who lives in Cheshire, England, is the worst scare when she arrives in hospital.

"I can remember (doctors): & # 39; I'm going to die? & # 39; And they repeated: & # 39; We're trying to do all we can and nothing will work.

"Limit as a woman"

Hayley survived, but said, like many women like Diacs, she should not get pregnant due to another heart attack.

"I've been robbed anything else and I'm not interested in thinking about it, because it leads me to the mournful path," he says.

"As a woman, as a failure, I thought it was my fault."

What is the stern coronary artery display (DEAC)?

  • Deak is a heart attack and it often takes a neutral stand.
  • This is mainly applicable to women in pregnancy or sometimes even after pregnancy.
  • Menopause, intense stress and exercise are also associated with this.
  • During the heart attack, one of the coronary arteries that suddenly stops bleeding is suddenly tear or sore.
  • This can lead to death, heart attack, and heart attack. In addition, the heart underpasses the surgery.

Source: Leicester Biomedical Cardio Vascular Research Unit, England

But now a clinic in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London helps women diagnosed with contraceptive pill.

Head, Ada al-Hussaini, is the first such clinic in the world.

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Dr. Al-Hussaini tries to make a decision to decide whether or not the woman is for a child.

Dr. Al-Hussaini analyzes the heart attack caused by diacritics and reviews the patient's medications, usually reduces the amount it receives.

According to this information, she advises the patient how dangerous her pregnancy is.

He intends for a patient to decide whether he is pregnant or not.

If she decides to proceed, the patient is referred to as "the highest risk pregnancy in the hospital".

"In recent years, I've seen many patients They do not have children because they say that children should not be there"Explained Cardigist.

"This is one reason why I have set up a clinic for these patients to provide accurate advice and to make a decision that has been informed to them."

Serious pain

Julie Murphy, 40, was the first woman clinic.

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Julie Murphy works with Holly Bell.

Just before her honeymoon, in 2013, Julie's illness began to fever. During the holidays in Kenya, symptoms worsened.

One day swimming, chest pain seems sharp pain. When he returned home, he suffered from heart attacks and "realized the next day he had a stroke."

The following days and weeks were very difficult.

"All the medications they gave me weakened me, and it was very hard to know what to do with me when I returned from hospital," he says.

Like Hayley, Julie has no children. He later became Dr. Al-Hussaini began his research project Her first daughter, Holi, was born in 2015.

The second time she was taken to the hospital for a pregnancy. Her second daughter, Bella, was born in April.

Dr. Al-Hussaini, who treats patients, has been facing resistance from some doctors around the world who advise patients.

"In the United States, they are against a pregnancy or after the partition of the self-styled coronary artery." He explains.

"But I do not think so much research has been done, but more studies are taking place."

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