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"The tree man" gave up his treatment and "branches" grew: "I must live as a normal person"


"The tree man" Abu Bajander came to the hospital and was undergoing a stroke. This young man has a strange situation called an artificial epidermodyplasia. In the hands and feet, like the "branches" or "cortex", the soul passes. He has undergone surgeries since 2016 Give up your treatment That situation has returned.

Born in Bangladesh, Bajander is the father of a 28-year-old family. His case was caught in the media in 2016. He began to perform complex operations to wipe out his complex actions. That man has lived for more than two decades.

There is a reason for this situation Deficiency in the immune system This increases the risk of HPV or human papilloma viruses. These genetic viruses can cause infection, such as viruses, flays, and the risk of developing skin cancer. There is such a rare disease Just a few cases Reported worldwide.

Bajander's hands.
Bajander's hands.

During surgery, Bajander doctor who has done more than 25 surgeries, He did not seek treatment since May: "This is a complicated case, but we went home, but I repeatedly asked him to come back but he did not do that," coordinator of the plastic surgeon and barns unit Dr. Samantha Lal Sen, Medical College, Dhaka, said.

Unfortunately, "the tree" has recently returned with her mother back in the hospital on Sunday, "he said," he had come six months ago to come here. It's too late"Now injuries on your hands It is 2.5 cm longSpread over parts of your bodies They did not appear before.

The remarkable progress in hands
The remarkable progress in the "wooden man" in 2017.

Doctors are advised to avoid the young man they need Five and six new activities. "I want to live like a normal person and I want my daughter to be taken," Bajander said.

Their condition improved significantly as surgery resulted in improved conditions in 2017. The treatment is very good, and the "tree man" has to undergo new interventions that can cure his illness.

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