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The three systems of solar panels will be launched in 2019

Ecological vehicles are always at the center of discussion. Although all companies have fixed the course of electric cars, It is more about how the energy is obtained.

The highest point-plug-in into traditional recharge systems- Hyundai offered an alternative to reducing costs.

The plans to present the Korean home have been published Solar charging technology from 2019 Basically it uses solar panels to generate energy, which will be included in the roof capot Vehicles.

Solar charging technology is being developed to strengthen the key energy source of the vehicle. Improve Autonomy, Reduce CO2 emissions. The good news is that batteries can be charged from cars not only from power and hybrid eco-friendly vehicles, but also for domestic fuel engines.

In addition, they are being developed Three types of solar roof charging systems. The first generation to be applied on the hybrid model is placed on a roof in silicon solar panels built in. The weather will be charged at 30 to 60 percent per day.

Semitrandranant system is the second solar roof system. It will be the first time in the world to be used for stimulating vehicles.Provides options for adjustable panels that provide a broader resource. When a vehicle's battery is charging, transparency keeps the panoramic view of sunlight.

The third generation is now in the process of studying environmental models. This includes the structure of solar panels capot On the roof of the combined path to maximize the generation of energy.

The energy of the sun produces electricity while touching the surface of the panelThis is replaced by sunlight photon that creates electrons in solar cells that generate silicon cells It is either stored on a battery or transferred to the controller's standard voltage or used to reduce the AC generator load.

These solar cells and regenerative breakings using many hybrid and electric models are an alternative to enhance the alternatives of alternatives, but now they recharge their sources of unparalleled

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