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The strange waves around the world


November 30, 2018 14:03:25

Most of the globe has traveled thousands of kilometers. Sensors in Africa, Canada, New Zealand and Hawaii do not seem to be a single person.

Key points:

  • Sesimic waves started on the Mozambique coast in Kenya, Chile, New Zealand and Canada
  • The earthquakes lasted longer than 20 minutes
  • The earthquake disappeared until earthquake hit Earthquake

The earthquakes started in the coastal areas of Mayotte, which opened a French island in the Indian Ocean to Madagascar and Africa. For those who experience earthquake in the Newcastle during the Republic of Europe, the Real Time Zemaggram of the American Geological Survey displays.

They have also posted pictures of the readers on Twitter, and researchers from around the world want to learn where these stranded waves came from.

Unlike conventional earthquakes, the readings from the Mayoty trimmer, which produced wavelengths of high frequency waves, caught the lower frequency waves longer than 20 minutes. The planet was like a bell.

Online citations suggest that trmores can result in black nuclear experiments, beaches, or a meteor. Goren Ekstrom, a geologist at Columbia University, explained.

"I do not think I've seen anything like this [but] In the end, their intention is not strange, "he said.

The protagonist, Estrohm, suggests that the earthquake of the earthquake begins. He quickly thinks it's a secret hidden due to the earthquake.

Earthquakes can be shorter than contemporary earthquakes. Because pressure is gradually exposed to a fixed period.

"That same pattern occurs, but it does not happen like a joke," said Professor Estrom.

From May this year, Mayotte will have a & # 39; Earthquake & # 39; Is called. Hundreds of weeks of mammals have been reduced, but in recent months the activity has declined substantially.

According to an analysis by the French Geological Survey, strange waves indicate the movement of magma below the Earth's crust, for example a chamber collapse.

Mayotty is similar to that of a rhythmic motion like waste discharge, or the pressure that magma passes through the body.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo worked for a similar event in 2002. A similar earthquake and low frequency waves were associated with a magma chamber down the Nyiragongo volcano.



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