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The slowdown of recession slowed down – 11/29/2018

In the recession of the real estate market, it fell below Federal capital. M2 price for rental in the third quarter of the year 31% of the departments used have increased over the years. Considering the increase in the previous quarter, it indicated a decrease.

According to data collected by the City of Buenos Aires statistical office, the information Argonprop, Monoambientes used, in quarterly a 35.8%; 2 bedroom apartments (46% of CABA's total offer of land) 31.8% And 25.8% 3 increases in units used in the environment, which is 24.2% market.

The real estate also explains that the drop in rental prices is associated with the withdrawal of the market for the third quarter and that the owners can not adjust values ​​from monopolistic income.

On the other hand, rent increase in units in 2, 3 conditions The price difference was lower than that Consumer price index in Buenos Aires is calculated on average in July / September, It was 34.7% annually. even though,, Evolution The monoments remained on top.

The city has rented out from the second quarter of 2017 to April / June They appreciated much higher than they were registered through the consumer price line.

Based on the neighborhood, high monies are checked for used monobetins Palermo ($ 10,120), record holder ($ 9,599); In the meanwhile, departments of low value department examined Liners ($ 7,029) Floresta ($ 7,032).

The highest price is Pugo Madero ($ 21,635), Palermo ($ 13,876). ($ 9,461) and Welles Surfeld ($ 9,542) the lowest average.

Nons ($ 20,050) and Palermo ($ 19,749) were the most expensive neighbors in a 3-room apartment. Vittal Gray Mitter ($ 14,631 and Liners) was $ 14,929.

Through commune, The most striking price fluctuations Maximum rent (coman 14, palmo), the gap between at least (Comen 10, Floresta, Monte Castro, Welles Surferfield, Versailles, Villa Laura, Villa Real), July and September, 44.7%.

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