Friday , January 27 2023

The shame has resulted in the failure of the supermarket's police operation


A courageous bar can be temporarily suspended when needed. Because there are rare exceptions, there are no legal consequences that can be protected from condemnation of political, police and sports forces.

Correctly, if you do not use intellect to interrupt further steps you can pay a bar hard.

The criminals who were today turned into worshipers were placed in two areas. A large group of actresses from Avenida del Libertador and Manuela Pedraza celebrated the fast food restaurant in the afternoon. The fan club fired tickets for the fans group. The second chosen by Figueroa Alcorta in the Saenz Valiente street junction limit, The closed door always communicates behind the club.

From that area, At 4 o'clock, No less than 200 bars have entered the stadium without tickets.

The strange thing, taking the initiative in the sense of precedence:On Friday, a case began with prosecutor José María Kagagnowo's intervention Judge Rodrigo Bonano for court licenses to Utedyc employees threatened to die without a ticket, court proceedings in court, Something recorded in the photographs of the monumental stadium which was administered at that time. The majority of the area was suspicious because of the operating failure.

In the case In the baku micro-spot the attack was carried out by the police. If it was careless or pregnant, then the prosecutor should determine what is Adrian BelálivoLooking for events. But that's clear Nothing happened If the bar was in that area If the policemen follow the usual protocol for this type of meeting. It's very simple to explain. It is implemented by federal police until 2016. Responsibilities are the responsibility of City Police.

The scrutiny time for visitor team will arrive at around 2 hours. In this, at Boca Madiore, the density is exchanged until the entrance to Monomelon. 6 motorcycle forward, 6 side by side and 4 behind the vehicle. These are two officers. He is the one who is pursuing a strategic gas weapon to set up an attacker. In addition, they were patrolling parrots with him, more intimidating force and a group of infants, as he was illuminated by his absence.

Boca bus Always before opening the Liberty Deven tunnel in Lacrosse on the same route He warns us If the tunnel is pulled out of the Pampa, the general public must be cut.

How do you end it? Every five meters (those who go the way out of the bus) will halter the entrance of the fans standing opposite each policeman. So the bus farewell to 50 meters away.

Lidoro quintesses has the performance point. Because he needs to slow down the stadium to get to the sea. It always refers to the protocol executed The fence is located about 50 meters away and removes the fans at Libertador to remove the area. They have to go to work for 7 to 10 minutes. But this time, as they accepted CABA's security ministry as a nation, No communication was performed.An errand in the beginning was an incredible part of the federal and metropolitan forces involved in the operation. In fact, the city was police and precursor.

Two years ago, that mission was called by a special team Control of sports activities The city-based Operation Division (Doucad) federal, according to the instructions of the General Commission Guillermo or CarlinoHe was produced before the court on charges of robbery and robbery. At times, the operation failed, some might have thought strange about the knowledge of years Carlino and his men were carrying.

Over the next few months, justice is the jurisdiction of police stations and the new men in charge of sports safety, as the first hypothesis of justice: an unexpected negligence in football in dozens in which they get the public All boy's cases Last Wednesday Open Boka's training Thursday or so Very serious event.

The FIG There is no understanding For example, when checked In all the boys' case, they brought the facts to an additional bar three years ago This journalist can testify that he does not know what the bar is currently doing, and they need more help.

In the case of the river, they did not know pToday's match was played by Barça Independent Club. And coordinated the activities of the competition.

No one wonders what happened yesterday if you add to football, the culture of tolerance, the organizational groups that does not respond to bars, but the uncontrolled absence, the main things that can not steal, and the Argentine community who always loves the flag.

Super vacuum, or more complicated theory to be tested in the weather conditions of the weather Outstanding area At this time he is not clear in the court.

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