Wednesday , September 28 2022

The rupee ended 14 cents a liter $ 39.02 a barrel


In the single and foreign exchange market, the currency's losses of US currency fell by half a cents down by 38 dollars to $ 37,975 a barrel. There were no movements in international markets.

Dollar's value rose by 0.5 percent to 96,759, and the Federal Reserve cut back on a large part of its losses after losing interest rates. The number of investors has soared sharply. Part of the US government's offensive is also possible.

In Brazil, US inflation rises to 1.3% Mexico is 0.3%.

The highest ever recorded was $ 38.25. A particular demand session has begun, which can not sustain this range in very short time. The income from abroad is very high during the cycle of development. Finally, the price was down 37.95 dollars.

"Pesos from companies demand to keep them away from positions in dollars," said Fernando Ios of ABC Mercado D Compaïs.

Central Bank (BCR) Liquidity Letters (Lariq & # 39;) will pay 118.26 million dollars in 118 days to 13 days. On Thursday, the annual rate of 59.58 percent was 59.58 percent. The highest rate was 59.85 per cent. At least 58.50 per cent.

Gustav Quintana " There will be a shortage of development next week on Christmas holidays Considering the evolution of the market in the past days, the dollar's price will be substantial, since the calm month seems to be lower than expected every year. "

Other Money Markets

In the informal market, on the other hand, According to this medium survey in Microsoft portinals, blue 39 is stable. On the other hand, the "Kontad Convi Livi" fell 49 cents to $ 38.10.

In the money market among banks The average cost of the call is 56%. In foreign exchange swaps, on Wednesday and Thursday, the purchase of Peso funds through the dollar purchase / or $ 128 million is agreed.

The FIG Reflex Future Market$ 1,017 million between December and January The final price was $ 38.43 a barrel, $ 62.48 in dollars at $ 40.3250, and 55.09% TNA

Finally, the International Collection of the CAA fell to $ 58.680 million Thursday from $ 30 million a year ago.

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