Thursday , June 30 2022

"The river-bikka walked with shame"


The world's longevity will be delayed for a while. As a result of a number of dramas, 822 journalists have been waiting for a river so far. All of them came to the river court. It was hoped to be historical, and it turned out to be sad. Markus Lopez, Journalist TV from SpainThat's a lot Infobox He said before confronting Boca.

– What happened to you at the afternoon of the Memorial?

In Spain, Argentine soccer fans and many of their own players are keen to give that space It is a wonderful thing to have many players in Spanish football. Because in the '80s, the problem of violent fans was solved. There were many ultras groups here, called Barrabravas, but thank you for serving lucky club, police and security forces.

– How would you tell a friend about what happened to a superstitious person?

Literally a disgrace that this game is going to play (ndr: If there is a problem with the attack on Boca's side from Boca, I think it will be suspended from the Spanish in a minute.

After today's events, is it best for you to finalize the end result at the console's moment?

Everything is so strange. Today, there are common problems with Argentine football. Argentine Football is fitting but it's face and crucifixion: the face is all but all the phenomenon, the cross, the bars, Everything here is very elementary …

Photos: Franco Faculty and Manual Courtesy

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