Sunday , May 28 2023

The request of Emino Sandala's former girlfriend: "Please seek, I do not believe in this accident"


Private aircraft brought by Argentine footballer Emilioano Salah In it France a Wales It can be included Cardiff, His new team, which disappeared from the English channel, has been searching for 15 hours. The works will resume on Wednesday, as there are no disasters.

When we heard about the suspension of the rock, Barein's SkierThe jury's previous lover did not believe that he was an accident, and he submitted a post he wanted to investigate.

"I wake up and I want this to be everyone's nightmare because I do not believe in this accident or you are not looking for bad weather because I'm not ready to read the stuff you've shown, waste time and do not investigate, I feel disadvantaged", The model said.

An audio recording from the moment of Exxeo Zala, a speech that says, "It seems likely to disappear"

"I can think of you, my mom's dreams can end, in the second moment you can change your life, we're in the dust, we're obscene in this universe and there are so many injustices." I thought I'd never looked forward for a long time and wanted to put me in front of you "And he continued.

"I do not know how to express myself, from now on I have something to think about, and when I talk about you, I know the brightness of my eyes. I have not yet fallen on everything that has been postponed today. Why would it happen? Why is this happening with such a cunning man, projects, workers, and good people? Why is dreams not fulfilled? Why? My heart is broken, I can not accept it. Always appearing with power. I can not do any pain, fear, anger and energy. Always power, Imi. You are powerful, we wait for you @ emilianosala9 "Beninisa finished.

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