Wednesday , October 5 2022

The reason for notebooks: Business chambers were not part of the unified cooperation of the Federal Chamber


In their resolution, Leopoldo Broglia and Pablo Bertzi, according to their preliminaries, are gears of a system consisting of a number of former government officials and individuals. That goal, "He calls them and gathers them in a fake case and recognizes them as part of the same group". I mean, there was a Poor Socialism, They wanted to be part of that group for criminal purposes. At this point, they indicated the resistance of businessmen and their defendants have claimed that officials have not taken responsibility for criminal purpose.

The judges said the insurers of those days or their middlemen motivated their business to pay for their financial benefits. But they made it clear "The aim of describing the accusation of the illegal association is not predetermined -".

The judge pointed out that the money was paid to the business of the money they had provided, or whether the businessmen were allowed to enter the unauthorized association, which was added from the highest state level. In order to interpret this explanation, the money paid by the businessmen ended in their upbringing, An important part is that they "charge the policy".

Without considering the benefits of the Return, payments to a public authority, "We understand that members of a criminal association do not consider this with the features defined".

There is no doubt that the business of Broglia and Bertisi follow their profit with their behavior, They are "actively working with the same collection that gave guidance to the general public" That was it Lettotiv The crime organization headed by Christina Kirchner.

The judge pointed out that executive action was carried out by other benefits based on benefits received through authorized legal payments. However, they emphasize these activities "They do not allow them to find behind the Unauthorized Association".

To participate in the criminal contract, they are to be part of the criminal association. Assumes a specific role in the organization and helps to achieve its goalsTime was definitively defined. These components for Bruglia and Bertuzzi have not experienced this moment.

Finally, a comprehensive assessment of the evidence suggests that the businessman who was sabotaged was sabotaged National executive power would have to pay for contracts or general concessions given to top officials, "within their same crimes".

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