Thursday , June 8 2023

The owner of Banelco bought for a US fund u $ s724M


Placi Patricius (Prismima, Diego Mafia) CEO, Diego Mafio, Arab, Juan Pablo Suusini.

Reaching a new partner requires more than a year to negotiate because government owners were forced to avoid control of the company. After investigating the National Commission of Defense of Compatibility, Primus dominated the market and set the rest of the terms. The deadline for transferring on 23rd of this month is expired.

In the middle, the tender of the auction was passed in a period of strong evaluation of the peso. It was initially a reset for the shareholders above $ 2 billion. Finally, $ 1,420 million was set up with 100% company. The US dollar is 724.2.

The other 49% should still sell the minority's hands within a period of not less than three years, according to the CNDCC.

For this stake, the public transaction in the stock exchange is most likely. Juan Pablo Suzuki admitted: "The IPO has been going on about the size of the company over the three years, and it's pretty natural."

According to the indicator, new investors are not more than five years. Strictly speaking, this is a nature of investment funds, once the companies have been evaluated according to their profit expectations. When they reach that magic number, they sell it and they will invest in elsewhere.

In Argentina there have already been participation in five companies. FDA Pharma and LKM. Labors, Graffe Vientor, Universal Assistants for Travelers, Private Mail Orca

That is why they have developed a powerful business plan to spread their presence to the pranks. One goal of the goal is to capture the vast universe of cash-consuming local consumption with electronic means. There are more than half of the population, casual and bankrupt (having a savings account, handling the entire money).

Digital finance companies (Finch) have a very attractive business to compete. Both have the opportunity to lend and pay for the customer and the businesses.

"We have to fight the money," said Diego Mafio. Three activities developed this year include:

Give Second Too Pago (Important to the Murdo Pago de Mercado Libre), the electronic wallet system using the QR code.

Develop contacts without contacts (without contact) to distribute cards and to acquire shops.

Develop MicroServices and Digital Solutions to promote retailers to increase sales on digital media.

Prelima is a leader in the payment methods in Argentina, merchants' lapos products (selling terminals). It is also the largest issuer of visa credit and debit cards. The leader in electronic payments using Pagomiscuentas. Using the Banelco network, the second operator (behind the back of the link) and digital payments have the Todo Pago.

According to the 51% sales, Visa International reported 2% of the Prisma stock package at 1%. The remaining 14 stockbank banks (Santander, Galicia, BBW, Macro, Ita, ICBC, Bapro and HSBC) have been cut by half.

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