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The opposition demanded domain extinction unusual – 01/22/2019


The President condemned the urgent need for an urgent need to sign the Mauritius march to proceed with the plan to continue the Domain Extinction, aimed at recovering stolen items in corrupt and drug smuggling cases.

"Notice the importance of the law, All efforts need to be solved and considered it deputyThe majority block is what we are changing. Senate brought a good rule, "he said. Miguel Ningle Picto.

As a part of him, the national senator of the kiss Alfredo Luanzo He said that "executive power can not be legislated" and that "it should be inaugurated". Unusual sessions In less than ten days "to manage the project in the domain of extinction.

"We urge the National Government to add to the Congress to accept a project with the opposition. We want the opposition and the government to get justice with this tool. But the Federal Argentine MLA said that it would be able to identify its constitution in our legal system.

Felipe Sola The president blamed the "circus" of the announcement. Through Twitter, Red Deputy in Argentina said that "no idea how to lead things" "The Constitution of the Constitution decides to prove and change".

The letter, signed by President Makri, has been questioned from kernetry. In official gossip published Tuesday.

"The Constitution is an incomprehensible power, this is ridiculed"And he affirmed Augustine Rossi He said the amount announced by the president was "election smoke" and did not do it in the struggle against corruption.

In the resolution adopted by the Civil Action of Provincial Regime of the Dominion Extension of Diemen, the President of the Deputy K blocks will be declared "constitutionally or late".

In the same line, it was expressed Leopoldo MoreThe president was betrayed and pointed out that this was a "campaign announcement".

Deputy Grasiliya Caymon recalls that the draft prepared by a front-fired Rendolador draft prepared by the experience of Colombia and the United Nations was drafted.

"The President of the country made a declaration with that word. Although the project is not known yet, it is intended to be enacted by the DNU (Necessity and urgent need), which is explicitly prohibited in article 99. 3 of the National Constitution, "he said in a column on the Infobe site, that it is being discussed in the Congress.

A proposal issued by the government notification entered the domain extension of the extension of the design and created the "procurator office". Investigative officers act on behalf of Executive and collaborate on identification and positioning of related assets. Some offenses relating to public transaction, drug trafficking, and organized crime.

President Maksiri on the basis of 62/09/2009 laid the foundation of the nation's president, Makos Pen and the Minister of Ministers in the National Council: "Phenomenon, Heritage and Resources of Corruption Indicate the Collapse of a Structural System A part of the state by influencing the equality of public cards and producing a product Big costs For the effective functioning of the state, it destroys the social structure and discourages the completion of the law. "

Additionally, corruption and crimes against the administration, drug trafficking, human trafficking, terrorism and other serious crimes affect the normal functioning of democratic and republican institutions, and ultimately all costs of the state, at the expense of citizens' higher expenses. "

How the DNU's path follows

In addition to the published command, the Binomiral Legislative Processing Commission will now need to deal with it within the next ten days of maintaining DNU.

This year, the opposition is returning under the supervision of this commission, with the type of break breach deputy K Marcos Clayer. 8 legislators, 8 opponents.

After that, it should be treated in two chains that occur in March.

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