Thursday , September 29 2022

The new Google app is the simplest way to paint from your mobile device


There are apps on mobile, but there are some kind of future applications Web apps and apps for the browser. Its advantages are multiple: they are universal, they work on all screens, as well as an application suitable for a particular system. Google knows it well, which means it creates not only apps but also has a web-based operating system: Chrome OS.

One of the latest additions Chrome OS Is a drawing application called Google Canvas. It's a kind Paint: The easiest cut, the simplest and the ideal fit for the strokes and creates artwork if you have the expertise. Canvas Chromebooks are also available for Android phones: use your web browser.

Draw with Google Canvas from any web browser on your web

Google creates a web drawing application that can be used on your mobile device

Google is using Google as one of the keys of this drawing application. This allows you to create notes on your touch screen using your finger or pens in case of devices with a device. Google and other traces to software The representative screen shows traces with less latencies. And especially when the software runs through the browser, that's a big achievement.

Now is the time to know what the questioned application is. This is the following:

  • 4 drawing tools (Pencil, pen, marker, brush), a part of the player.
  • The possibility of choosing colors between certain precautions.
  • Option to customize the range of colors or paste the hexadecimal code using selector.
  • Stroke thickness and opacity.
  • The history of the changes in the drawing.
  • Export PNG drawing.
  • Immediate response on screen: Low latency.
  • To use Google Canvas, a Google Account is essential.
  • You can choose shortcut to Google Canvas on Android desktop.

Google creates a web drawing application that can be used on your mobile device

The drawing app is now available to access the browser on your Android phone or any other device, you should go to the link below. We tried it Google Canvas In many browsers Chrome, Samsung, Firefox: All of us have done it as expected.

Here you can use the new Google drawing application

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