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The new CRISPR platform is scientists who are targeted by DNA


Another CICPR system, known as Cause 12b, was formed by a scientist for researchers who designed revolutionary CRISRRC 9 for genome editing of zoologic animals including zoo and animals. The new system provides enhanced capabilities and options when compared to CRISPR-Cas9 systems.

In a study published today Nature Communications, The Feng Shang colleagues at the MIT Harvard Broad Institute, the Maggreen Institute for Brain Research at MIT and the co-author of the National Institutes of Health Eugene Kunín and the new Enzyme aimed at changing genes of human cells. From the small Casabbell to the high-end specifics Basilis Herath (BhCas12b) Cas9 (SpCas9), this new system makes it ideal for vivo applications. CRISPR-Cas12b is now available for research.

This team was previously known as Cas12b (known as C2c1) One of the new offers is CRISPR enzymes In 2015, however, it suffered a hurdle: a high temperature from thermophilic bacteria living in the hot environment like the gas, hot spring, volcanoes, deep sea water volcanoes, deep sea hydro-thermal vents.

"We searched for inspiration from nature," says Shang. "We wanted to create a version of Casabb, which works at low temperatures, so we scanned the genetic range of bacteria, looking in bacteria where maternal atmosphere can live at lower temperatures."

By acquiring natural diversity and enormous engineering enzymes, they developed a version Cas12b to produce genetically engineered primary human cells. This was the first step towards the prevention or treatment of the immune system.

"There is more evidence that there are many CRRR system waiting to find out," said Jonathan Stacker.

The field moves fast: Since many groups have been exploring the enzymes of this group, since the CASDBB family was first shown in 2015 and proved that RNA-guided DNA endonálás. A group of Jennifer Dowden's lab in 2017 at the University of California, Berkeley Reported That 's it Alliciliclacillus acetorererus Discontinued disorders in the lungs of DNA can be solved. Recently, a team from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing Reported From another Cas12b Allicilococcalosis asphyhoususUsed to edit masculine cells.

The Broad12 Institute and MIT Cas12b system is widely shared. Like previous genetic editing tools, technology is made available free of charge through these groups Zhang Lab Page In 62 countries, researchers researched 2,400 labs and shared 52,000 timebones.

A co-founder member at the Broad Institute of Harvard at MIT, an investigator at McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT, James of Patricia Pontro Neuroscience Professor, MIT Associate Professor, Brain and Cognitive Science and Biological Engineering Departments.

The study was supported by the National Human Genome Research Institute, the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Heart, Lang, Blood Institute and other sources. Feng Shang is an investigator at Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

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